My name is Jessica Baumgart and I will be attending UCLA in the fall as an incoming freshman. I am extremely grateful to have been accepted into UCLA’s Nursing Program, as I desire to become a Pediatric RN. My inspiration for pursuing nursing stems from my incredible father, who I have watched undergo various treatments and surgeries throughout my lifetime. Observing the medical staff at work while in the hospital with him, particularly the nurses, fueled my passion to pursue the medical field. As a entered high school, my interest in the field continued to grow as I participated in numerous medical programs and internships, such as the Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles Career Exploration Summer Program, and the Eve and Gene Black Summer Medical Career Program. I hope to one day become an RN at Children’s Hospital as a means of giving back to the medical community for all of their support and my father’s life. In addition to this goal, I hope to one day travel around the world and volunteer in nations in need of medical support, while also immersing myself in different cultures. I desire to make a positive difference in the world with the sphere of influence that I have. Furthermore, I thoroughly enjoy playing my violin, spending time with loved ones, as well as painting, and going on mountain biking trips with friends.